New England, New Hampshire or Scotland… a fall here is irresistible.

In New England it’s fall, in Scotland the season is referred to as autumn… how does that matter? One October I went to Inverness, ostensibly in search of characters I recalled from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Instead, I ended up searching for Nessie, the legendary monster laying dormant in Loch Ness! Having never experienced “fall”, I was fascinated by the vivid range of colors. Last fall I was in New Hampshire and in New England. The brilliance of colors during this season and the ambient natural beauty are no secret. We arrived by late evening at the house of some remotely connected relatives. They were kind enough to put us up for the night. We awoke next morning to a view that was simply a feast to our tired eyes. I just stood on the deck of this rustic house looking far out; they had to call out several times before I finally joined them for a sumptuous breakfast. Rude, one might think, but I was in awe of the charm of the surroundings. Didn’t have a camera, just borrowed a digital; it’s such a shame I have no memento. All I have are vivid images stocked away in my head as memories.


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