Knights in shining armor


With a mini camera in hand and a little backpack on my shoulders, I took off on a mini trek from Troutbeck in the Lake District.

What a day that was… shortly after breakfast, with a sunny smile and a bounce in my step that spelled youthful cheer I was on my way to a place I could only have dreamed of visiting ever! Just a short walk away was the post office. I met a bunch of guys also on vacation, and we soon became friends. All of a sudden there were menacing clouds in the sky, threatening to let loose their rage on us. Debating whether to turn back or trudge on, now on muddy ground, we decided to move on. All headed in the same direction towards Lake Windermere, we braved the chilling winds that now accompanied the outpour of torrential rain. Some were taken by surprise, others, soaked to the skin, said, “Hey, what’s new about this, eh? It’s England, my friend, should’ve expected it… happens all the time!”

What took me by surprise was the view through the fog, just as I turned a bend… I thought I was in a scene from Camelot… King Arthur and his knights in shining armor would show up any time galloping on their splendid horses… it was like a dream!


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