From The Knob, to Nobska Lighthouse… in Woods Hole.

This evening, contemplating a walk up to Nobska Point Lighthouse at 7 p.m., I was thinking, do I have the energy to climb uphill? I’ve just returned from my walk to The Knob (well, almost, considering we didn’t quite make it to the cove); have taken a good warm shower after getting soaked in the rain, slipped into clean, dry clothes, chomped on an apple for dinner, now it might be best to sink into a comfortable seat, with my book – a translation of Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’s autobiography… “Banish those thoughts that spell laziness! One last try… is it not too late to make it on time for a view of the sunset?” Quickly shrugging away these thoughts, I grabbed some loose change, dropped them into the pockets of the denim jacket, wore the access card and key around my neck, like a chain and walked briskly towards my destination.

Water Street (Main Street of Woods Hole) wasn’t busy… people were indoors, both, perhaps due to the downpour and may be enjoying a leisurely dinner. The feet hurt a bit, I wasn’t in my most comfortable pair of slippers; the Mephistos were soaking wet so this was the only other pair – last year’s Gap (certainly a gap between function and design). Hastily, I tried taking long strides but puddles of water made it rather difficult and instead splashed the water on my heels. Past the church and with head turning behind, looking over my shoulders, almost asking the sun to wait until I reached the top of the hill for my precious view… very few cars whizzed past; even the usual joggers were not to be seen, although suddenly, almost silently, one whizzed past me with a quick nod and “hi” in polite acknowledgement. Just as well, I could walk almost in the middle of the lane.

What do I see, just as I come around the bend? Of course, the ocean waters but what’s that patch of color… a rainbow, hanging from the mass of low-hung clouds, straight into the sea! This was one of the most fabulous sights I’ve ever seen. I was almost there, but not quite… doubling my pace, even if the feet hurt, I walked faster and finally reached the top of the hill, in front of the little scenic view point across from the lighthouse. A few people were standing there, gazing at the gorgeous sunset – a red sun completely ablaze, just before it started setting; for a little while it hid behind the clouds, just like it had, a couple of evenings ago. But then it emerged, glowing orange and radiant… the beams fell on the water… and the waters turned golden. The huge bursts of clouds, thick, low and heavy burst into color… orange, pink, lavender, grey all outlined with gold and amidst it all we also saw blue sky! My day was made… the rainbow was still hanging, suspended in mid-air… my head turned from west to east, from right to left, trying to capture the beauty of both these sights, forever in my visual memory. I was glad for the absence of my camera, or I would have just been a shutter-bug, looking at this glorious scene through the pin-hole. Nobska stood silently, like it had, for decades of over a century and more, enjoying its evening date with the sun. It beams day in and day out but when the sun says good-night, it beams even brighter, almost like it’s thinking, “Oh, that’s a gorgeous date. Boy, do I feel great!”

The evening was far more beautiful than I can put in words… but lest I forget, I’ve put some words to my thoughts, so I can re-live today’s evening some time in the future.

Talking about the future, I’ve spent the past hour or more planning my trip to Nantucket. Should I add Martha’s Vineyard as well? Well, let tomorrow come. The first step is to get to Hyannis… an arduous task, to get there on time for the 9 a.m. ferry for which I may need to leave MBL in Woods Hole by 6.30 a.m. I think I’ll say good-night, to nobody in particular. I do hope my aunt’s surgery is successful. Surgery of the spine is no funny matter. Well, I wish her good-night and my family – they’ve just returned from Italy – I see there’s voicemail! Hmm…


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