What’s with the property listing aggregators

All of a sudden there seems to be a deluge of “search engines” that help real estate seekers – home-buyers, to search for property listings in their desired neighborhoods. Enter your zip code, number of beds you want to tumble into, number of luxurious bath-tubs you want to bubble up and sink into, the square footage you need to have your favorite pooch frisk around on, and voila, there’s your dream home! Any thoughts anybody? Heard of any hot names that have succeeded in enticing you to using their hot links, geo-maps & browsers so you can take a quick peek into the value of your property (or your Mom’s, Pop’s or buddies’)?
Anyone used this service anywhere around, recently? Know if any of these actually work, or provide accurate info, so you can perhaps drop the idea of hiring the services of that BMW-driving broker to show you around a handful of houses in the neighborhood, making a cool 30-40K in a matter of days while you work your head off for months (if not years) trying to figure out where you can cut back, just so you can afford that much-desired holiday which you’ve been postponing until after you’ve resolved the mortgage issues this summer… Write to me folks.

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