Automated Voice-Message Systems

“Aren’t you bored in the burbs?”
When someone asked me with unconcealed curiosity,
I pondered awhile.

On reflecting, I see this picture…

While cooling my heels between jobs,

As Marketing Consultant,

Account Director, or a Project Manager;

While I’m reeling from stumbles,

Through vain attempts to have me humbled

by upstarts

at start-ups;

Or again, am beat, from chasing irksome admen;

(not to mention their counterparts… those supercilious women),

The top twenty are at power lunches;

The rest, as always, pulled in a tug-of-war,

seem Caught between

PowerPoint presentations,

Branding, or, ‘new’ product launches;

A few have quit;

others not quite;

‘t was rumored they received those dreadful pink slips,

Firmly clipped to their parting pay-slips.

Was it a fall-out of M&A trends,

Those dominating the world… even of A&M!

(Surely, the mighty on Mad Ave aren’t in a tizzy!)

Time ticks away, listening to mailbox options,

Whether I’m calling recruiters, prospective clients,

or even accounts receivables… (paying what seems like an endless series of bills)!

Contrarily, on speed-dialing my companions…

words-n-motion and the twin,Chitralekhan,

it’s ‘hello twins’, and speedy ‘goodbye’ to

all the other pointless “hellos”,

the endless waiting,

and to cold, unfeeling,

automated voice-message systems!


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