Light Beam…

How do I keep going far and long?

Hope has egged me on and on…

Success, at times eluded me…

Has failure ever flummoxed thee?

At work one sees declining jobs,

Even ‘made-in-heaven marriages’ flop,

Life ends not, it does go on,

Reflect awhile, then, plod along.

You once had many high-spirited dreams,

Pick one, as you would, a sharp light-beam;

Allow it to guide your path steadily,

Even if it seems the going is dreary.

While the fragrance of success may allure,

At the deepest roots is toil, and a tear for sure;

Beneath the fame are hidden failures,

If you’re in this game, then grin ‘n’ endure.

Your goal must be tangible,

Then the path is visible;

Now is the time,

Grab some lunch,

Pack a punch,

Be gone with your light-beam,

Make your journey memorable,

Filled in with plenty of fun!


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