31 Travel Destinations? Wow, that’s some vacation!

I was being frugal, but obviously, I didn't need to be cruel... well, to myself! 😉 The New York Times has just bailed me out. With no prior travel plans made for summer thus far... here's a good place as any other from where I should begin:

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Who said these words? To what could be considered the very first question on the quiz show, "Who wants to be a millionaire", pat comes everybody's response, "Neil Armstrong, of course, Commander of Apollo 11 lunar module!" Correct... uttered by the first man ever who stepped on the Moon on July 20, 1969, right after … Continue reading “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”


Psst, all ears, hear this… I have Audacity!

Yep, an awesome free audio editor! Eyes tired from fooling around with photo-editing software, I went on the prowl, straining my ears and still searching for easy-to-use, free, audio-editing software. Well, look and thou shalt find... Audacity is quite similar to using a basic photo-editor, of course, with an audible difference. Record any audio source … Continue reading Psst, all ears, hear this… I have Audacity!

Frommer’s says, “… there’s no real ‘best’ time to go” to NYC!

Well, they're right! Their review on The New York Times is quite comprehensive. Here's another perspective, but effectively it also means - go any time. August 30th, 2007 9:26 pm Late Spring (it's no more freezing cold) - you get to see the fresh greens; Summer - but of course, so you can walk around … Continue reading Frommer’s says, “… there’s no real ‘best’ time to go” to NYC!

I’m visiting NYC – What should I do?

Well, if you're not sure when you'll be here, here's my two cents worth. Last summer, I offered some of my Readers' Suggestions in the New York Times. Since then, much has changed on the economic scene, but some of these basic ways of enjoying a visit to New York City remain, regardless of the … Continue reading I’m visiting NYC – What should I do?

Gujarati cuisine in New York City

The cuisine of Gujarat is unique. When I came across this reader comment in The New York Times, I craved again for spicy muthia! August 30th, 2007 If you have taste buds that crave for not-so-spicy but zesty food, you’'ve definitely tried Indian cuisine. But now do try some exotic Gujarati savory - – khaman-dhokla, … Continue reading Gujarati cuisine in New York City

Music from the ‘art… “Kajra re”

Miniature paintings of Rajasthan often follow the theme of "Ragas", the code followed in Indian Classical Music. In recent times, this visual folk art is being rendered through everyday objects (some on the video here, are 'coasters'). The classical music theme on my animoto video is from a cheesy dance number "Kajra Re" choreographed for … Continue reading Music from the ‘art… “Kajra re”

$200,000 go up in thin air!

For those following this story, just imagine! Today, Michel Fournier was going to make history if he broke the records by falling off from the stratosphere. Alas, the helium-filled balloon would have been worth every cent of the $200,000 (no error in the zeroes) it cost, if only... But in what seemed to be a … Continue reading $200,000 go up in thin air!

Class in Copy: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet aresd building

Who needs a freelance advertising copywriter, especially if s/he has: over 10 years of ad agency experience learned the ropes at full-service agencies climbed up the ladder... surely, successfully demonstrated, proven skills in managing client-agency relations number-crunched for Econometrics (learned to value 'residual' term 'e') studied Linear Programming (OR) for an accredited Executive MBA an … Continue reading Class in Copy: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet aresd building

After you circle, then what?

Round the clock I circle the world, Hoppin' blog to blog; Back on WordPress,  going clickety-click, it's ‘Goodbye’ to Writer’s Block'! Worldly-wise, but not quite weary, I bring odd tales, tidbits... some think they're trite, For others they're corny... a gal's footwear, is perhaps a guy's fantasy? You get the drift! Some point, we will … Continue reading After you circle, then what?