From Martha’s Vineyard to Santa Barbara

Bonita, Mamma Mia! Could someone translate this song - Chloe Temtchine's Que Lo Cura - for me, please? Thanks in advance.

Oh, so this is New York City!

Si, c'est Manhattan. Yeh hai... Manhattan. That's how I speak... in a lingo-medley. Anyway, no one sees NYC all in one go. Well... these are my early impressions of Downtown, set in motion on this animoto video. Al Di Meola, I love 'Capoeira'.

Dang tribal district

Here are glimpses of the lush greens of Gujarat, just following the rains. Tall bamboo and heavy teak grace the Dang (pronounced: Daang) forest. One favorite spot for the locals is Gira Falls. S…lush After watching this 30-sec video that animoto helped me put together, if you’re interested, visit Dang on Wikipedia. But with so … Continue reading Dang tribal district


Scenes from the silver screen.

Of course, Animoto is one of my most recent toys, so I decided to play-back some of the scenes that have been memorable during the past few years. I do tend to watch movies largely on DVDs borrowed from the Public Library, so often I've watched movies at home, long after they were running to … Continue reading Scenes from the silver screen.

The 800 miles Chase… in 30 seconds!

Across 800 miles... from the mid-west to NYC... on the I-80! Play the video - The Chase - that I created, using Animoto's cool tool. They have some music freebies too... you could even buy the track, if you wish. Easy-peasy... Artist: Adam Burns Track: Havana RulesThanks, Animoto.