Dang tribal district

Here are glimpses of the lush greens of Gujarat, just following the rains. Tall bamboo and heavy teak grace the Dang (pronounced: Daang) forest. One favorite spot for the locals is Gira Falls.


After watching this 30-sec video that animoto helped me put together, if you’re interested, visit Dang on Wikipedia.

But with so little relevant information in a quick search about this region, the following not-so-old news item amazed me:

“Ahwa, in Dang district, is first to have postal rail reservation”

Posted online: Monday, October 08, 2007 at 0042 hrs IST

Mumbai: The remote Ahwa post office in Gujarat’s Dang district has become the first in the country to provide computerised passenger reservation system (PRS) for booking train tickets. The first ‘India Post PRS Centre’ was inaugurated recently at the Ahwa post office, which is 32 km away from Waghai, the nearest railway station.

Dang is largely a forest area with a considerable tribal populace. The building and the operational staff for the PRS at the post office will be provided by the department of post while the Railways will bear the cost of the hardware and communication equipment, sources said. The Railway authorities expect that at least 20 to 25 PRS tickets to be sold daily at the Ahwa PRS.


Source: The Financial Express

Video track: El Cuarto De Tula by Ocasion (The single ‘s’ is no mistake on my part.)


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