After you circle, then what?

Round the clock

I circle the world,

Hoppin’ blog to blog;

Back on WordPress,

 going clickety-click,

it’s ‘Goodbye’ to Writer’s Block’!

Worldly-wise, but not quite weary,

I bring odd tales,

tidbits… some think they’re trite,

For others they’re corny… a gal’s footwear, is

perhaps a guy’s fantasy? You get the drift!

Some point, we will meet, my friend,

’cause here, at ‘words-n-motion‘,

You can rest awhile, ponder over oddball ideas;

from distant lands and ‘different’ people…

but people, no matter where we’re from

are alike in many ways than we’d care to believe;

different in some…

Silly, or small, we all have thoughts…

While some may fit our thinking,

others may get us thinking!

Oh, I loved this one… Randall Munroe’s webcomic strip…

Bored with the Internet.

Incidentally, Randall believes that analyzing a joke is like dissecting a frog – it can be done, but the frog dies.


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