$200,000 go up in thin air!

For those following this story, just imagine!

Today, Michel Fournier was going to make history if he broke the records by falling off from the stratosphere. Alas, the helium-filled balloon would have been worth every cent of the $200,000 (no error in the zeroes) it cost, if only… But in what seemed to be a bizarre accident, it took off skywards, leaving the dare-devil skydiver in a state of shock, right below, on Earth! One can only imagine the devastating effect on the man, when his dream of 20 long years got blown away – literally, just like that!

I do feel bad for the retired army Frenchman, as surely others passionate about this sport must also feel. Not only those, but also others – believers in the human strength, capability, and resolve – may also be saddened. We all hope that he will find a sponsor soon, to make good his loss, which may currently be his only tangible, impeding factor.

Monsieur Fournier, who knows, another day will soon dawn when your dream will be fulfilled. We wish you the very best for your ultimate success.


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