Class in Copy: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet aresd building

Who needs a freelance advertising copywriter, especially if s/he has:

  • over 10 years of ad agency experience
  • learned the ropes at full-service agencies
  • climbed up the ladder… surely, successfully
  • demonstrated, proven skills in managing client-agency relations

  • number-crunched for Econometrics (learned to value ‘residual’ term ‘e’)
  • studied Linear Programming (OR) for an accredited Executive MBA
  • an ability to recognize fast-changing consumer needs
  • a keen understanding and interest in consumer behavior
  • curiosity to probe deep to understand your product benefits
  • command over simple language that appeals to your customer

  • an interest in just about everything that you wish to push, pull, or promote 😉
  • a focus on marketing, especially on advertising & PR… not merely on sales
  • astuteness to highlight your not-so-obvious product features
  • combined skills of strategist, brand builder, & copywriter

  • a Bachelors degree in Science that lends to the analytical skills
  • a portfolio which includes clients across four continents
  • provided marketing and consultancy services to a tech start-up
  • people skills to work amicably with your graphics designer

  • advised a leader in consumer electronics, about P.O.S. displays; b-t-l advertising
  • the ability to pile up lists of keywords for S.E.M. – no stuffing, no black hats
  • lived in 3 different nations, traveled extensively across 3 continents
  • clients ranging from: technology to tourism, banking to business, retail to hotel

  • interests in blogging, net-surfing, photography; in creating Animotos
  • contributed to Wikipedia; used Clusty for relevant results, rather than sift through Google
  • grains of wit just enough to spike the copy
  • a rich thought-process, a not-so-fat copy book

  • copy-edited newsletters, contributed to product brochures, annual reports
  • put up posters, created leader-boards and teaser ads, advised on link-building
  • connected with, or discussed CPM with The Gothamist
  • translated technical literature from one language to another
  • the thinking of the eccentric; an eye on delivery, and a professional eye for detail

  • an ability to switch: from online to traditional advertising — on a needs basis
  • worked & interfaced with marketing professionals who first think in:
    • Bengali, Chinese, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Hungarian,
    • Konkani, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Russian,
    • Serbian, Sindhi, Spanish, Tamil, Telugu, Tulu, Urdu…
    • … and sometimes, even in English!

Who cares… to work with me? 😉


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