I’m visiting NYC – What should I do?

Well, if you’re not sure when you’ll be here, here’s my two cents worth. Last summer, I offered some of my Readers’ Suggestions in the New York Times. Since then, much has changed on the economic scene, but some of these basic ways of enjoying a visit to New York City remain, regardless of the highs and lows on Wall St., in the Real Estate Market, or even the price-hikes at WalMart (it has no direct bearing on this city’s dwellers).

Wander around New York City. Do carry a map; you can get a
functional one from any subway station - ask for it at the
ticket window - it's free. Best times for walking are during
summer, but late spring and fall are great too. All you'll
need is a light jacket to ward off the strong winds that could
take you by surprise, or give you a chill. Do check the weather
before you step out, if you prefer to go light. Now, if you're
into taking pix, NYC is perfect. SoHo, Greenwich Village,
East Village, Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park, Wall Street,
Central Park, Union Square, Canal St., 5th Ave... go for it.
There's art, architecture, and culture from Upper Manhattan all
the way down to Lower Manhattan and across from East River to
the Hudson River. Earlier this summer I walked around for a few
days to take in the local sights and sounds. Some of the ones I
posted, can be viewed as a slideshow, at
You're bound to enjoy your visit to NYC.
Do get there soon, though.:)

P.S.: If you’ve clicked on the flickr link above, and by some remote possibility

happen to be new to this wow application on the www, please click just once

at the center of the first photo – you’ll also see more info on every picture

that follows in the slide-show.;)

For suggestions on how to spend 36 hours in NYC, you could also read

Philip Gefter’s story in The New York Times.


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