Blogger on Sacred Songs

When I last checked, this blog-spot had 139 songs! These numbers include Buddhist recitations, Sanskrit shlokas, Pali verse, Latin renditions, and even some Chinese & Japanese translations! A very commendable effort, indeed, Nila-Kantha-Chandra. Thank you. My favorites: Gayatri Mantra Yakundendu Tushara Vaishnava jan to tene kahiye je Four Great Bodhisattva Vows Folks, if you're interested, … Continue reading Blogger on Sacred Songs


Smug or self-important?

It's the same thing, and I'll add selfish, if I may. The phone rings, you look at the caller id, you choose not to answer because the caller is yours truly - someone you usually call and speak to, either when: you have to kill time while you're waiting for your kid to come out … Continue reading Smug or self-important?

Is it important to ask a web (2.0) site owner, “What’s your business model?”

We know, time will tell, and a method will evolve, later, rather than sooner! When any new product (read "social networking or, web 2.0 website") is 'soft-launched', it's very fashionable for tech trend followers to question right away, "So, what's their business model?". These people soon try to determine whether they're the next 'Google' (or … Continue reading Is it important to ask a web (2.0) site owner, “What’s your business model?”

It’s Friday the thirteenth…

Does it actually freak out many people? The National Geographic published an item under its News section, a few years back about how the US lost almost 800-900 million USD on this day only on account of people's superstitions and phobias related to flying or doing business on Friday 13th. If anxiety builds up due … Continue reading It’s Friday the thirteenth…

Metabo, o-ba-ue-to, kajuu, overgrown girth!

Oh no, when that happens to the Japanese, they run a risk that exceeds far more than the mere embarrassment of trouser buttons popping open! They run the risk of being singled out as 'obese' in their workplace! The world is aware that the Japanese are an extremely hard working people; they don't shirk their … Continue reading Metabo, o-ba-ue-to, kajuu, overgrown girth!

Who needs oil!

Well, when it's so hot, humid, and mind-bogglingly sultry, we may not even need oil! Price - of everything - is up, up, up! So, why bother going to the malls to shop, waste money on gas to get there, or roast in the heat (you'll burn more oil & gas with the air-conditioning high … Continue reading Who needs oil!

World-of-Color, here we come!

Blue-Collars... stay put; Senator Barack Obama needs you! White-Collars... move out; Ford, Continental and United need you to go! World-of-Color... Corporate America needs you! When our bottom-line gets affected, we see red. After pondering awhile, we conclude... black, brown, yellow... how does that matter? (We won't be brushing against them by the water-cooler!) As long … Continue reading World-of-Color, here we come!

Whose legs are these, anyway!

Should, or shouldn't, women wear pantyhose? Some call them, 'bare necessities'; that's much ado about um... nothing! Page D1 of The Wall Street Journal is actually inviting readers to share their thoughts on this subject... to say the least, I'm shocked! People actually get paid to cover issues about 'where, whether or not, and what … Continue reading Whose legs are these, anyway!

Dersu Uzala… Kurosawa’s Oscar winner.

Based on a Russian explorer's memoirs of his Far East expedition in the forests around the treacherous river Basin of the Ussuri, this Russian film is directed by Japanese film director, Akira Kurosawa. In early 1902, Vladimir Arseniev has a chance encounter with Dersu Uzala - a native hunter - one of the few remaining, … Continue reading Dersu Uzala… Kurosawa’s Oscar winner.

“Hotel Rwanda”… re-viewed again.

Almost three years after I first watched this film, I bought the dvd last weekend when the price dropped to $4.99 in the stores. As most of you may be aware, 'Hotel Rwanda' is based on real life events that occurred during the period of the Rwandan Genocide in April 1994. It is the story … Continue reading “Hotel Rwanda”… re-viewed again.