“Seeking high adventure? Embrace Science!”

Almost every other day, my close buddy, a research scientist, draws my attention to the zillion ways in which science and math penetrate every little facet of our lives and existence. I marvel at the cumulative effort of thousands of scientists, that makes the little and big differences even in our day-to-day activities, all of which most of us simply take for granted.

Reading Brian Greene’s views in Op-Ed of Sunday’s edition of The New York Times, it seemed like my pal was speaking to me, yet again. We concur with Dr Brian Greene’s views. A tad embarrassed, I admit, although a Science grad, I am a product of a system which he refers as an “educational system (that) fails to teach science in a way that allows students to integrate it into their lives”.

Science must be taught to the youth in a manner that piques their imagination and arouses their curiosity about every facet of this amazing universe; about how this world has evolved over billions of years. New inventions and discoveries bring about changes across the globe, which, in turn, demand further research to overcome the new challenges… the cycle continues… the fundamental approach to science must change. It will change the perspective of people – young and old. Vision of the people as a whole will change, and it truly must! In the end, without Science, expect no changes in this world… expect stagnation. But, embrace Science, and our journey can lead to eons of wholesome adventure.


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