“Hotel Rwanda”… re-viewed again.

Almost three years after I first watched this film, I bought the dvd last weekend when the price dropped to $4.99 in the stores. As most of you may be aware, 'Hotel Rwanda' is based on real life events that occurred during the period of the Rwandan Genocide in April 1994. It is the story … Continue reading “Hotel Rwanda”… re-viewed again.


We can’t quit… until we begin!

Music Credit: Ponticello; My video: Animoto Locations: Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani

Is the No.13 unlucky?

No, not if it's 13 floors in the Mumbai Egg! 32,000 sq. m. squeezed in a building that's egg-shaped. You have to see it, to believe it. Well, look at this futuristic model for now, or wait until 2010, when this iconic 'Cybertecture' is slated for completion. Computer-designed 'columnless' floors engineered using concepts from environmental … Continue reading Is the No.13 unlucky?