World-of-Color, here we come!

Blue-Collars... stay put; Senator Barack Obama needs you! White-Collars... move out; Ford, Continental and United need you to go! World-of-Color... Corporate America needs you! When our bottom-line gets affected, we see red. After pondering awhile, we conclude... black, brown, yellow... how does that matter? (We won't be brushing against them by the water-cooler!) As long … Continue reading World-of-Color, here we come!


Whose legs are these, anyway!

Should, or shouldn't, women wear pantyhose? Some call them, 'bare necessities'; that's much ado about um... nothing! Page D1 of The Wall Street Journal is actually inviting readers to share their thoughts on this subject... to say the least, I'm shocked! People actually get paid to cover issues about 'where, whether or not, and what … Continue reading Whose legs are these, anyway!

Dersu Uzala… Kurosawa’s Oscar winner.

Based on a Russian explorer's memoirs of his Far East expedition in the forests around the treacherous river Basin of the Ussuri, this Russian film is directed by Japanese film director, Akira Kurosawa. In early 1902, Vladimir Arseniev has a chance encounter with Dersu Uzala - a native hunter - one of the few remaining, … Continue reading Dersu Uzala… Kurosawa’s Oscar winner.