World-of-Color, here we come!

Blue-Collars… stay put; Senator Barack Obama needs you!

White-Collars… move out; Ford, Continental and United need you to go!

World-of-Color… Corporate America needs you!

When our bottom-line gets affected, we see red. After pondering awhile, we conclude… black, brown, yellow… how does that matter? (We won’t be brushing against them by the water-cooler!) As long as your sweat-soiled collars are at a distant off-shore, you can help us see black again… now, that’s the color we like to see in our bottom-line! You see, you’re helping us see green – back again, in our local bank. So, world-of-color, rest assured… what if car companies here cut-back, or airline staff get grounded, Corporate America will arrive on your shores, in droves.


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