Who needs oil!

Well, when it’s so hot, humid, and mind-bogglingly sultry, we may not even need oil!

Price – of everything – is up, up, up! So, why bother going to the malls to shop, waste money on gas to get there, or roast in the heat (you’ll burn more oil & gas with the air-conditioning high up even in your car)… oh yeah, even the temperature has decided to go way up beyond normal! Only so that when you get there, the store owners secretly smile while their cash registers go ringing, and while they’re raking it in because suckers like you and me are rushing with the Stimulus-boosting Fed checks at their so-called ‘One-Day (Father’s Day) Sales’! [Hey, that reminds me, I haven’t yet received my ‘gift’ from the ‘gov’.]

Well, you have the option of sitting in the comfort of your home (when you’re not out, working at your job); watch and read about the things that are going down… the stock market, employee morale, your 401K portfolio, real estate prices, quality of service i.e. customer service (for just about everything), the size of everyone’s grocery bags, may be even people’s paychecks for the month (if work-hours have been cut).

So, what’s new about what I’ve written… ah well, nothing really. I just realized that if I allow the killing heat to be my excuse this summer for not blogging over the past few days (despite several drafts in the pipeline), the ink-well may turn dry (oops, no worry, since we’re online), or worse, I may soon get hit by ‘writer’s block’. It is indeed rather depressing all around. So I’d rather put down these few empathetic thoughts – they’re rankling not just within me, but surely inside others like you too… or am I being presumptuous, I wonder! Is everything looking good around? Perhaps in a few days (or months, but hopefully not too long) the situation may improve and I can look back on today, read this post and simply smile.

Wishful thinking, you think?


One thought on “Who needs oil!

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