It’s Friday the thirteenth…

Does it actually freak out many people?

The National Geographic published an item under its News section, a few years back about how the US lost almost 800-900 million USD on this day only on account of people’s superstitions and phobias related to flying or doing business on Friday 13th.

If anxiety builds up due to beliefs, phobias, and folklore, the probability of something bad occurring is bound to increase. When that happens, chances are such people are more likely to meet with an accident, or, are prone to all ‘bad luck’. The phobia feeds on itself. So folks, remember, think good thoughts, think of the weekend, think of the warm summer, think of all the fun activities you can indulge in… and today, on Friday 13th you will find yourself sailing along happily, humming happy tunes and singing, “Thank God it’s Friday”!

After you’ve had an enjoyable weekend, come back to share your joy with me. Who cares then about its roots in ancient history.


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