The Debt Trap… are you safe?

The New York Times has brought this interesting series about the surge in consumer debt and the lenders who made it possible. Some of the views and comments from readers are also engaging.

KPO… Knowledge Process Outsourcing

It's all about convenience, from whose perspective should you view this issue, and who finally gains or (loses) from KPO. If you're a bank or a corporation in the US, in present times it suits you to go set up an office (or several of them) in India or any other "cheap outsourcing location"... as … Continue reading KPO… Knowledge Process Outsourcing


Naina Lal-Kidwai

It seems like eons ago when I met Naina Lal at ANZ Grindlays Bank, in Bombay. She had just joined as head of Merchant Banking. On my very first meeting with her, I was thoroughly impressed - someone whom I instantly admired but was a tad in awe of. My meeting with her, as a … Continue reading Naina Lal-Kidwai

Wall Street moves to Dalal Street… Is that right? How nice!

Rather than layoff middle-rung executives, banks like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley have been moving their middle men (and a few women) to the Middle-East or South Asia - most often to Mumbai, India's financial hub. The 'fortunate few' may have been relocated by their company, while numerous others who were already laid off after … Continue reading Wall Street moves to Dalal Street… Is that right? How nice!

Twitter’s glitter… see the gold?

Tweets sound sweet. Swift 140 character-long missive updates sent within social networks by users, they may convey anything - tiddly trivia or lowdowns on budding love affairs; newsflash about an oncoming tornado or turmoil-ridden political fiasco. But for the budding 2 years plus company, there's still uncertainty about where the real moolah will come from. … Continue reading Twitter’s glitter… see the gold?