Twitter’s glitter… see the gold?

Tweets sound sweet. Swift 140 character-long missive updates sent within social networks by users, they may convey anything – tiddly trivia or lowdowns on budding love affairs; newsflash about an oncoming tornado or turmoil-ridden political fiasco.

But for the budding 2 years plus company, there’s still uncertainty about where the real moolah will come from. Last June I blogged about how difficult it is for young entrepreneurs to comfortably articulate about their business model. No matter how tech-savvy they are, or how popular their new website turns out, when it comes to making money, long before the initial venture capital or angel finance begins to dry out, the question about monetizing the product crops up… “How will they make the money?”

In the present glut of emerging technology – several that are simply clones of each other – it remains a hard question that few succeed in responding with adequate confidence. Effectively, although from afar the glitz appears attractive, the real gold continues to be elusive. (Is Silicon Valley, today’s El Dorado?)

But techies, please do not despair. Without you, the world could not have progressed thus far. I would not be writing here on wordpress, millions of others would be unable to share their views, the people of this wide world would remain unconnected and ideas would die within cocoons, without taking flight. Thank you to you all.


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