Catch the LIRR! Who is abusing the system???

Are the visually impaired leading the disabled… reeks of a scandal aboard the Long Island Railroad… the LIRR! Beware, we’re talking about 250 million US dollars already paid as federal occupational disability money to early LIRR retirees since Y2K. We, the taxpayers, have paid for this and will continue to do so, while these ‘disabled’ are playing golf at age 50, after taking early retirement!

Catch the LIRR!
Catch the LIRR!

The detailed front page coverage of Long Island Railroad’s incredible ‘disability’ statistics, overtime pay to employees including non-management staff and engineers, and the rampant ‘corruption’ at LIRR – audits notwithstanding, has been brought to light by Walt Bogdanich, Andrew W. Lehren, Robert A. McDonald and Nicholas Phillips through The New York Times.

Padded paychecks have pumped-up early-retirement pensions of senior engineers and conductors of the ‘busiest commuter rail service’ in the US which traverses across 120 miles – the length of Long Island, between Penn Station in Manhattan to far eastern points such as Greenport on the North Fork, and Montauk on the South Fork, not too far up from the elitist Hamptons weekend getaway hot spots.

An imminent hike in fares due to the growing budget shortfall are the immediate fallouts of this disability epidemic among LIRR’s retirees. Who must bear the burden? Not just the 288,000 directly affected daily passengers who commute on the 700 trains network, but the entire nation! Think about the damage…

To learn how ‘early retirement’ and ‘pensions’ can pay you to play golf… go to Penn!


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