Overuse (or misuse) of the word ‘oversight’…

For the longest time I used the word ‘oversight’ only while referring to inadvertent errors, or omissions resulting from ‘not looking at’ something. It irks me intensely when ‘oversight’ is used to express something diametrically opposite to this i.e. to refer to ‘supervision’ or ‘watchful care’ (the dictionary meanings).

e.g. Taking the ongoing Financial Meltdown and consequent $700 billion Bailout Plan – a slap in the face – as a case in point, you read numerous headlines indicating how much more oversight is necessary.

It seems the entire US economic debacle has been due to ‘oversight’, i.e. not looking at issues the correct way; or worse, looking the other way while Wall St. finance honchos made hay. Now, the rest of the nation has no greener pastures to look forward to in the foreseeable future. It’s ironic that there’s this dire need and call by leaders of this nation for ‘oversight’! So much for oversight, the lack of it by altogether, losing sight!

Heads you win, tails I lose! 😦


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