Following Paul Krugman… Nobel Prize Winner, Professor of Economics, Op-Ed Page Columnist.

Yes, I tend to follow his views. Can’t say I understand all that he has to say, nor do I understand the intricacies of his economic theories, but most of what I understand from all that I read in his columns, I tend to concur with.

This post here, is simply for my quick reference to this columnist’s page in The New York Times. Anyone interested, could go as far back as February 13, 1997 to his column, “We Are Not The World“, or read the most recent to date – “Depression Economics Returns“. Follow his blog, “The Conscience of a Liberal”… learn a thing or two today, about “Macro Policy in a liquidity trap“… Mr. Krugman has a large following of perhaps thousands (or millions) of people across the world. When I read his columns, it is also interesting to read some of the reader comments, and get a healthy world view on issues.

New York Times, thanks yet again, for bringing to us Paul Krugman, week after week.

Listen to his phone interview, recorded right after the announcement of the 2008 Nobel Prize. Here is his official page while at M.I.T., with numerous links to his articles and writings, before he moved to Princeton.


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