Lost your domain name?

Ever been mad at yourself for "mea culpa"... for having lost your domain name; your very first website, simply because you missed out on renewing the domain name with the hosting company, for a variety of legitimate reasons (or otherwise)? Well, that's how I feel at this moment. Eight years back I came up with … Continue reading Lost your domain name?


Tugging at your heart strings… and purse strings.

A while back, I'm certain I blogged about how many man-hours and how much money (not to mention mental agony) goes down the drain annually, without anyone actually coughing up $$$, cents, pennies or yens! Chain mail, hoaxes, urban legends and virus alerts forwarded by friends, family, colleagues and even strangers perhaps constitute the bulk … Continue reading Tugging at your heart strings… and purse strings.

Their families, friends and colleagues mourn… Sid Agrawal, Marilyn Lewis, Brian Pugh are ‘no more’!

Here's a peek into who these people were... a follow-up story on the Friday slayings in Santa Clara, California. Here is the official statement from SiPort Inc., following the fatal fallout (a tragic consequence of having fired an employee).