Lost your domain name?

Ever been mad at yourself for “mea culpa”… for having lost your domain name; your very first website, simply because you missed out on renewing the domain name with the hosting company, for a variety of legitimate reasons (or otherwise)? Well, that’s how I feel at this moment.

Eight years back I came up with words-n-motion.com. At the time as freelance researcher and copywriter, I needed web presence; in the pipeline were a couple of job interviews, so… Voila, within minutes I’d registered the domain name, and was rather pleased that ‘dot com’ was available.  In my enthusiasm (and due to some urgency), overnight, I’d written the text (you may call it content); concurrently, a friend worked on the design, structure and HTML. We may have considered a WYSIWYG HTML Editor, but now can’t say with certainty that that is what we used. I even put up my portfolio on it (scanning whatever was possible with my limited resources). Time went by, and as luck would have it, at website renewal time (a few years later), I somehow missed the date, the opportunity, and before I knew it, someone else had grabbed my domain name… what a shame!

Today, with the WayBack Machine for Internet Archives, I still get to see my pages. words_n_motion__waybackmachinearchives

I’m rather pleased to see pages from the past (although due to numerous M&As the links on my ‘past associations’ page are now broken); it evokes numerous memories. On the other hand, I’m irked at myself.

Does such a thing happen with other people, I wonder. My lesson… don’t let go of your domain name, if you care about it. It’s like your identity. Just imagine how it would feel if someone assumed your identity!


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