Bailout, fallout, lock-in, lending, up the wall, behind the scenes, rollout, slice the funds, face the grill…

Can anyone figure out what on earth is going on behind the scenes regarding the roll-out of the bailout plan before they slice the funds, lock-in or lend, or face the grill, go up the Wall, or bankroll a new loan facility… who can explain this to us, all over again, in simple parlance… whether it’s in English, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian… I don’t care… as long as it’s simple to understand… these are numbers we’re talking about, right? Use, pebbles, sticks, twigs or bricks if you have to.

Gee, what in the world is going on??? Mr. Paulson and party, please give us a break. Mr. Paul Krugman, could you please throw some light on all this, yet again?


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