Impact of the global recession… research begins in NY, ends in India’s bedrooms!

Teji maan time nathi, mandi maan mood nathi.” A research study titled thus in Gujarati, a South Asian language, loosely translated into English, it reads as “No time during a bull run, dampened mood during a downturn”. Undoubtedly, referring to the effects of stock market perturbations on couples, especially on their intimate lives in the bedroom, researchers Judy Kurianski (New York based) and Dr Shah (India) have stumbled upon a rather ubiquitous subject for their study. Searching for subjects for this study should be easy-peasy, I’d think, especially given the stressful state of mind (and body) when a financial crash may have dashed the dreams of many young couples!

Is it not amazing how the might (and slight) of one tiny Wall Street in NYC can cause such tremendous divides, even at personal levels across the globe, from East to West! I must add though, I was rather amused by the study title. 😉


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