None of this makes sense… Indian students killed… in the US & in UK!

First it was one, then two, then three and it has continued… how far, and for how long will this continue? Why is it happening? What could the reasons be? Families, of slain students, back in India are stunned out of their wits. Most of the stories here are related to recent killings from the past one year. Is this racial prejudice, personal vendetta, violence due to the state of affairs during the past several months in the US and across the globe? What is it… are the US, UK and Indian governments taking any action in these matters? Safety of the students… whose responsibility is it eventually? How long will it be before some light is thrown on this matter? How long will it be before students can walk on campus grounds, along college corridors, live in vicinities of universities and within urban metros, without the fear of lurking shadows?

Links: Courtesy, The Times of India


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