Public Records show that Jing Hua Wu (and wife) own 19 homes…

Add vacant lots to boot, all worth over $2.4 million dollars across eight counties in three states.

Well, why am I not surprised that this 47 year-old man went on this wild carnage! Imagine having to pay the mortgage and dues on these properties! (Unless, of course, it was all paid up since the shopping spree commenced back in 2004.)

Since he was fired by SiPort’s senior executives i.e. Sid Agrawal, and/or Brian Pugh, and/or Marilyn Lewis, Jing Hua Wu fired (at) them! Obviously, that is too simplistic a view point. Investigations are bound to unearth more than meets the eye.

Apparently, despite the national downturn in real estate, Wu had probably fared well. Fired from the job, 19 homes in hand, ostensibly a good family man… why would someone like that give up all that by committing the heinous crime? Does any of it make sense?


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