Yesterday was one day when the whole world seemed to drive me a tad mad. I’ve got over that now, and was determined to reproduce my article, which was published several years back…

Hampi is one of my most favorite travel destinations, and I often search for new websites and updated information regarding the ongoing excavations there. ‘Romance on the Rocks‘ was my attempt in 2001 at documenting what I saw, learned and photographed during a 1997 visit to Hampi, Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal.

Although it’s bitterly cold out here, we have to thank the sunny skies. But more importantly, out there somewhere on this planet are places and people that are bright, warm and marvelous! A chance visit today, to  Laya & Pratheep’s “amateur attempt”, was inspiration for me to get proactive. I believe theirs is a superb effort to bring to light India’s historic destination. Thanks, folks.


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