Overseers are high up on a pedestal. Must we keep paying for their “oversight”!

A while back, I remarked on the fine dividing line that differentiates the two contradictory meanings of the word “oversight” i.e. “watchful care” vs “unintentional omission resulting from failure to notice something”.

Be it the rating agencies, government regulators, Wall Street honchos, federal watchdogs, or even American citizens… the majority of these ‘publics’ have turned a blind eye to unusual growth rates of everything… except that of hourly wages!

Everybody played blind man’s buff failing to question skyrocketing stock markets, Jack & the beanstalk-like growth in prices of organic foods to genetically engineered produce; escalating car prices without a slip in fuel prices; spurt in take-home bonuses of finance wizards not to mention those of their crummy cronies!

Even now, day in and day out, we’ll read and hear stories about ‘oversight‘. Wake up, everyone, or has too much oversight caused loss of our own sight!


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