Terrorist attacks in South Mumbai today… serial bomb blasts & shootouts!

Mumbai, a victim of terrorism, yet again.
Mumbai, a victim of terrorism, yet again.

The Taj Mahal hotel near Gateway of India, and The Oberoi’s Hotel at Nariman Point, in South Mumbai, have both been victims of terrorist attacks this evening.  V.T. Station aka CST, Gateway of India, and the popular ‘yuppie‘, ‘shippie‘ and ‘firangi‘ hangout, Leopold’s Cafe on Colaba Causeway have not been spared either. Anywhere from 25-80 people have died since the attacks around 10.30 p.m. local Indian Standard Time.

In a densely populated city, it is not hard to imagine how many others could have been injured. Shootouts and bomb blasts have rocked Mumbaiites in India’s financial capital, yet again. Safety is just not a given… not even within the walls of their local Cama Hospital (to which the famous Grant Medical College is affiliated)!

We pray for peace in this world filled with turmoil.

Videos from Mumbai.


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