Public reactions to the ongoing terrorist attacks on Mumbai…

The terrorist attacks on Mumbai yesterday, have made the headlines worldwide. I will quote some of the reactions of Mumbaiites (expressed at a personal level) in the last few hours since the attacks. While names of individuals are an insignificant issue, it is their sentiments, I think, that speak to the widely-spread, simmering-below-the-surface feelings expressed even by the educated elite of India.

(Sent by Bombayites, the following are emails reassuring concerned friends and family across the world about their safety.)

Dear All,

We are all fine and safe at home.
The situation in Mumbai is still not under control.
The terrosist have now taken a jew family of 5 as their hostage and now have put forth their demands.
The State Govt/other agencies are considering the matter.
Foreign tourists at Oberoi, taj are taken as hosages. the hostages are mainly Candians  /British
Hope this ordeal ends at the earliest.”

“As we await for our impotent government to get thier act together, here are some pictures that provide and overview of what Bombay citizens go through routinely. Sad to see Bombay’s elite anti terrorist squad (who liquidated the underworld in bombay) killed in a matter of 15 minutes. many “secular” Politicians, Media (sound byte), activitists and celebrities and journalists must be celebrating.

Going by historical precedence, I am confident that citizens of Bombay will bounce back faster than expected “inspite” of our government.”

All Ok here with us. My husband, of course, has decided to brave the streets and go to office…”

“Yes with grace of GOD all is well. But the situation is extremely grave”

“Yes, we all are safe.  Thanx
This is going to be a regular affair.  Thanx to our great politicians, Gandhi and Nehru.
We have to live with it.”

“All ok.. South Bombay is bad though”

“Feel like going and wiping the XXXXX off the face of the earth

Can’t go….”


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