Black turns red… the logic differs, or logic defied!

People out there are smart, so most of you know what Black Friday denotes. It’s the official beginning for Xmas shopping, so logically shouldn’t the Friday following Thanksgiving be termed Red Friday? Pardon… it even sounds foolish, right? Well… I wouldn’t be surprised if it was indeed a Red Friday this year! Reports indicate it may well be the case. Black Friday is when store sales are so high that towards the end of the financial year, even if they were doing badly i.e. in the red, here was their biggest chance of turning the tide and moving into the black i.e. making profits! Hence Black Friday.

Now, with the 680 points-plunge in the stock market in one day today, quick on the heels of the government’s announcement on the first Monday, following the Thanksgiving long weekend (not counting thin trading on Friday), there’s again talk of today being referred to as Black Monday… when in fact, there was a bloodbath in the markets (now, quite routine). Wouldn’t you like to refer to this day as Red Monday?

A trite posting, you think? But you must agree all this defies logic… whatever terms the stock market fancied, thus far, all have followed suit. Wall Street is in a sorry state… we need new lingo, more in keeping with the whole new powers that B.  😉

Yeah, I mean Barack Obama. All this other stuff above seems quite old hat, dark, and boring! It’s time to follow him! He’s our new torchbearer! 🙂


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