All things bright and beautiful… Jupiter, Venus, Moon!

Smiling, or frowning at us earthlings?
Smiling, or frowning at us earthlings?

Caught up in the frenzy and fury of the past few days, yesterday I missed out on a wonderful opportunity to see all three together, ‘smiling’ at earthlings from the south-west in what may seem not too far above or away, but high up and millions of miles away in the sky!

Well, today, with some calm setting in, and settling me with it, at 6 p.m. I looked up above… just a short while back. The planets in conjunction are indeed beautiful. Alas, I could not capture them together in a photo… the trees obstruct a clear view – unlike me, the camera can’t bob its viewfinder from side to side.

But pix are plastered all over the web, so you just have to search, though not for long. Here is where I will return for more information on celestial sightings.


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