Corporate America… now will you be on Indian shores in droves?

Or have the events of the past three months numbed your gray cells?

Or then again, surely 10 young men slinking on to Indian shores in the past week are not going to drive you away from those Western shores of Mumbai; nor displace you from India’s Silicon Valley on the Deccan Plateau! Is it possible that you will continue to bloom in Bangalore, India’s Garden city, or is your romance with the city on the rocks? Oops, who was it that claimed responsibility for the terror that the 10 young men inflicted on Mumbai’s millions – not the Deccan Mujahideen? I shan’t mention Hyderabad, from neighboring state Andhra, also in the Deccan region. The Andhraiites are kind of touchy at the moment, given the plight of their people – students, actually, studying in and around US campuses.

Nah, none of the above is going to scare away Corporate America from raking it in. Unless, of course, new laws on outsourcing impose steep taxation on companies – high enough to erode the profits they make using cheaper labor.  The US believes in free markets, is a capitalistic society, the strongest will survive, to the rest we can safely say, “goodbye”.

We, the people, will spend… unemployment government benefits, stimulus packages, new careers, career changes, sabbaticals, further education, distance learning, upgrading skills, etc. are options always available to American citizens. If all else fails, an ongoing war somewhere means there’s always room, albeit, for those interested in enrolling with the US Army. Now how about that, eh?

India has millions of people… hungry for work, for way too long! If the current crop of workers is laid off, the next one will be ready to replace them, and again, and again. But here, at home, it may be another story.

Come what may, fear not, because as American citizens, we’re unlikely to go hungry. We’re innovative, a lot of good will eventually emerge from the current morass. In the short run, a McDonalds can’t be far away…  not on American soil! So what if they’re also dishing out Big Macs and fries, as far away as on Indian shores!


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