Had NSG commando, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan not been slain and turned martyr, not even a dog would have visited Sandeep’s family home!

Uttered in Malayali, to translate thus, this unfelicitous, tasteless remark was an insult over injury!

Apparently, prior to his ‘condolence’ visit to the slain Indian commando’s home, by way of security measures the uncouth Chief Minister of Kerala Mr Achyutanandan sent sniffer dogs to check Unnikrishnan’s family home for ‘signs of any danger’! Obviously enraged, Sandeep’s grieving father, snapped and asked the CM to “Get out” of his house. Not to be outdone, the peeved CM hurled the above parting shot. Further, in defiance, he refuses to apologize for his unsavory remark.

It is indeed no surprise that the people are so incited that they are demanding the resignation of the minister, who has not been in favor in any case.

So much for respect for the martyrs of the nation! So much for cheap politics, and so much for a 100% literate, leftist state in an otherwise democratic nation!

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, may your soul be at peace.


5 thoughts on “Infamous Chief Minister of Kerala hurls insults on slain commando’s family!

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. Indeed, I’ve based my comments on what I read (not heard, nor saw) in the media. Now I’ll link to your translations for those, like me, “who were taken for a ride”, as ksreekay said in a comment to my post. Well, people do form opinions based on “facts” laid out by the media. Often these may be incorrect. But until the ‘truth’ is revealed through someone who takes the effort to do so, without bias or prejudice, our opinions are bound to prevail. Personally, I still feel that the “dog” reference is uncalled for, even after reading the entire context from your translation as follows: “Had it not been Sandeep’s house, not even a dog would have glanced in. The attachment we have with Sandeep’s family, Sandeep’s father, Sandeep’s mother, Sandeep’s family members is very special. A soldiers father should have understood those feelings.” Well, it is hard for anyone to fathom (and wrong to be judgmental) about the state of mind of a parent who has lost an adult son under “not normal” circumstances. Hindsight is always 20-20; neither the CM may have meant what he said, and the way it was interpreted, nor may Sandeep’s father have meant to say what he did in his fit of rage. But preconceived notions, perceptions and prejudices always get the better of most of us. Especially in present conditions, it may not be appropriate to stoke the fire. I believe a truce has been called?

  1. There are lot of factual mistakes in your post.

    by way of security measures the uncouth Chief Minister of Kerala Mr Achyutanandan sent sniffer dogs to check Unnikrishnan’s family home for ’signs of any danger’

    Achuthanandan doesn’t have any private army or he didn’t take any police force from Kerala. It was in fact the security offered by the Karnataka police and please don’t put the blame on Achuthandans head for taking the sniffer dogs to Major’s house.

    The dog remark shouldn’t have come out from a person of CM’s position. But the dog remark was never against, implicitly or explicitly, directly or indirectly against the slain major’s family as interpreted by the media.

    “Uttered in Malayali, to translate thus”

    Malayalam is the name of the language, Malayali or Malayalee is the person whose mother-tongue is Malayalam.

    “grieving father, snapped and asked the CM to “Get out” of his house”

    It was not just a simple “get out” … more exactly, “get out you stinking dogs”

    And since you had admitted that you were mislead by media, it would be nice if you update your post with necessary corrections as a good will gesture.

    Also inviting you to read the double standards of Indian media

    1. Again, thanks for your detailed counter reply. Since you had toiled over the translations, it made better sense to simply link readers (perturbed by this issue/posting) to your “accurate” translations. By the way, you’re right, I should have written “Malayalam”. Excusez-moi. 😉

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