Terrorists tutored and trained by retired Pak Army officials in coordination with ISI!

Names of all the 9 terrorists have been revealed by Ajmal Amir Kasav, the terrorist in captivity. In the age-group 20-28, all 10 recruits received training at Lashkar camps, after their initial congregation in Karachi in September 2007.

To incite the trainees and to provide ‘motivation‘, their tutors – retired Pakistani Army officials – used video footage depicting the Gujarat carnage and Gujarat’s Chief Minister “spitting venom” against jihad.

These new recruits were imparted training for all of this past year, beginning last December. They learned to use weapons, grenades, and also received maritime training.

Rigorous training in terrorism – one year only!

To find these recruits for this crash course I wonder what they used by way of advertising; or were they cherry-picked! Here’s the ad, presumably?

Campus Recruitment

“Crash Course”

Hands-on training for one year.

Vacancies Limited. Hurry, to apply!

Guaranteed: Successful trainees will have a lifetime job.

Compensation Package: Above industry standards

Handsome stipend even during year-long training period!

For applications, please contact: Retd. Army officers A2Z.


One thought on “Terrorists tutored and trained by retired Pak Army officials in coordination with ISI!

  1. Terrorism Crash Course for Dummies

    We can offer you:

    -Our favourite Top 10 collection of videos
    -A selection “Death to America” stickers and t-shirts
    -Flag burning course
    -Surprise package tour to a secret destination
    -One way Ticket – No luggage needed

    Entrance requirements:
    – Loves Jackass Movies
    -No first aid course required
    -Lonely, frustrated and with no friends
    – Still in the stages of puberty
    -Believes the hype about the 72 virgins
    -You never made it on Britains Got Talent

    Our motto: If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen!

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