Let us be optimistic…

Last night I received some news that was rather upsetting… it was at a personal level. But before going to bed I gave the issue some thought and decided that some things are beyond one’s control. However, even in the midst of an adverse situation, if I remain optimistic, disallowing negative thoughts to plague my mind, I will eventually ride the dark period unscathed. It has happened to me before, hence, superfluous as it may seem, even a somewhat forced optimism has helped to bring some clarity in thought. Consequently, my actions that follow stem from this positive approach and before I know it, life has progressed, and surprisingly, left me quite intact.

A couple of weeks back an editorial column titled, “Gloom but not Doom” in The New York Times caught my attention and along with it, some of the readers’ comments. Similarly thought-provoking are Roger Cohen’s words, “Americans have always lived at the new frontier, at least in their imaginations.” Earlier in his article, he says, “Coming to the United States from Europe, I found this constant reinvention bracing.” I’m certain, there are numerous immigrants in the US, who feel exactly the same way. They are amazed by the opportunities and what it is possible for them to achieve through hard work and with a bunch of new ideas.

Although times are hard for the US, presently, I believe that this inherent optimism in America’s people will see her through this current doom. We must not lose heart or hope. This phase will also come to pass, and may be a new butterfly will emerge – brighter, more beautiful, even more desirable.


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