Poodwaddle… can I use it as my new homepage?

Google, particularly Gmail, has dominated my life for a few years now. Is that a G…oo…d thing, I wonder? I remember seeing the poodwaddle clocks several months ago, so I decided to look for the site. Of course, I searched using Google. My days of using ‘Vivisimo’ as my search engine ended a few months back when their user interface changed (not for the better, in my opinion). Several times I’ve noticed that although a search for any random term/s tend/s to display millions of search results, if you painstakingly went through every single page they have for results, you’ll eventually go up to 60 or 70 pages. Anyway, that is something one wants to experiment with once in a while. Each time you need some information, it is not practical to look beyond the first 3-5 pages of search results, at the most.

Well, I’ve decided to try out poodwaddle. Here are the screen shots of their home page. It is more than a search engine. Seems to appear more like a portal with numerous links that allow you to do vertical searches; what’s more, it also has easy links to the thesaurus, a calendar, to maps, music, video, amazon and even to Froogle – Google’s Product Search, and much more… take a p_ee_ k or l_oo_k below.


This seems to be a single person’s effort – the webmaster is Shane, I believe. This looks like it is worth a try. Okay, here I go…


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