Getting stuck on the highway…

Many commuters may have suffered due to the havoc wreaked by today’s early March Nor’easter… likewise thousands of American investors and those across the globe, due to the financial slides and tumbles on Wall Street; across all of the Americas, Europe and Asia… the dip ranging anywhere from 3% to over 7%!

On the other hand, school-going kids, particularly in NYC, will enjoy the ‘rare’ snow-day that has extended their weekend into a surprisingly long one. Those who missed reading it last week may want to catch up on the story about the humpback whale (baleen or right whale), that was rescued last Thursday after it remained entangled for about two days trapped in fishing gear approximately 8 miles off in New York waters. Ms. Teri Frady, a spokeswoman for NOAA, said that the 25-30 feet long 20 ton whale had serious injuries from the fishing gear, but it swam away. She also said that “It was stuck in a shipping lane; that’s like being stuck on a highway.”

The video on New York Times showed the rescue efforts by U.S. Coast Guard reminding us of “Free Willy”, but it is in such sharp contrast to “Grindadrap“, an annual custom on Faroe Islands.


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