Ex-leaders of lending, once again at the forefront!

Express regret and thou shalt be absolved of blame. So what, you cannot be held responsible for the turmoil, despite ranking high within the nexus of all those who must bear responsibility for the present debacle in the financial world; a  disruption that not only affects past borrowers of home-loans, but also those who hold no jobs (only a bleak future… at least in the immediate run), thanks to the bungle-ups by Countrywide Financial and the likes.

In fact, while this hysteria has dulled the senses of the masses, it is the optimal time to keep your wits sharpened, stay calm so as to “…capitalize on a situation that was a product of (one’s ) own creation”!

For some, like those who faced foreclosures of their homes, they feel secure with these “new-name” lenders who are back in business playing the old game. However, for the rest of us, no matter how straight they would like us to believe they are, their new-found success reeks of profiteering through unsavory wheeling-dealing.

We need to borrow to save our homes… PennyMac, here we come. But pause… will this not lead to further doom… a repeat tale… that of the penny-wise but pound foolish? Stories of unscrupulous lenders abound… is there merit in borrowing at all? Today, although it’s unrelated, somehow I’m reminded of a sign inside of my doctor’s office; it  brought on a smirk every time I noticed it  – “In God we trust; the rest pay cash!” But perhaps there is merit in that, after all… ‘though whether it has a place inside of a doctor’s office, of that I’m still unsure.


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