Superb South Indian fare: Sujata & Srini style!

Here's my review on AZ Central today: Wow, what can I say! Ever since I stumbled upon this small eatery last month, our large family - based across Tempe, Mesa and L.A. (California) - has enjoyed numerous meals out here in Chandler - both, South Indian style cuisine, as well as North Indian 'curries' - … Continue reading Superb South Indian fare: Sujata & Srini style!


Twitter, Web 2.0, W.O.M., B.Y.B.

Even if you're on the Web 2.0 bandwagon, you'll need to Build Your Brand. You could use advertising across mass media but that seems passé! Well then, lean on word-of-mouth, twitter or blog. At a party last weekend, a friend introduced us to their just-developed travel website... HotGuzzi. A week down the road we toasted … Continue reading Twitter, Web 2.0, W.O.M., B.Y.B.