For those with abusive partners, walking away could possibly be an option… but for those with abusive parents?

What is the solution for their salvation!

Margaret comments, as does Karen of St Paul, MN, MW of MA and hundreds of others who respond to the provocative question, “What if you want to split from your parents” in the Mind Column of Science Times… “When Parents Are Too Toxic to Tolerate” by Dr. Richard A. Friedman.

A few years back, as a volunteer copy-editor, I was assigned a project that entailed editing copy for an annual report (marketing tool for fund-raising) to be produced for an organization that attempts to combat  domestic violence; that supports survivors and women who wish to escape from abusive partners.

It was at this time, the thought had occurred to me… there are numerous organizations, and innumerable researchers, studying domestic violence that seems to be rampant! But, are there any real organizations that will truly support children (and adults) who suffer for a lifetime, both, while living with their very own parents while they’re growing up, or even later! These folks are victims (or survivors) of angry, frustrated, or ill parents; parents with unfulfilled dreams, parents who attempt to fulfill dreams through their kids; parents who re-live their own abuse-filled childhoods by inflicting emotional and/or physical pain on their children with full knowledge (or unwittingly). Who can such survivors turn to for support?

Does introspection help to see the light? Or then, does cognizance, that indeed this is a case of abusive parent/s… forgive and/or forget for one’s own sanity? Easily said, eh? This would be outside the charter of Human Rights Commission for them to intervene… and yet, this issue affects millions across borders, class, creed or race… it’s hard to divorce your parents… but for your own survival, would you? Should you? Or would you worry about the world saying, “How could you”!


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