“Diwali ki Mithaas”… lekin, Cadbury’s mein kadvaahat!

After what seems like an era, I read Bachi Karkaria’s tongue-in-cheek column, “Erratica“. A Google search for her blog lead me instead to this ad for Cadburys.  “Diwali Ki Mithaas”, translated from Hindi, reads as “The Sweetness of Diwali”.

Ironically, I’m reminded of Felicity Loudon’s remarks, quoted in UK’s Telegraph last month,  just around Diwali, “The Festival of Lights”…  “As a Cadbury, I obviously feel particularly saddened by the possibility of one of the last remaining British icons disappearing into an American plastic cheese company. I cannot believe that something can’t be done for totally patriotic reasons.”

But here’s the deal on why nothing much seems to be done in London… despite Cadbury’s long history of brand building… the M&A seems inevitable… alas, the forthcoming Christmas may prove to be far from sweet… more like dark & bitter… for Cadbury’s!

Especially sad, also, for millions across the world, who grew up eating a Cadbury… when it was offered even as a reward for doing well at school! Later, during our adolescent years sometimes exchanged between friends as a symbol of love… but hey, we’re now grown up adults… who needs a Cadbury, eh?


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