A new wave of email petitions… about slaughtered whales!

Over a year ago I received a slew of email petitions related to the now ubiquitously infamous Grindadrap practice on Faroe Islands. Once again, the world seems to have woken up, and my in-box is inundated with gruesome pictures of the poor creatures.

I squirm even when I have to rid the yard of little aphids. When I say ‘stop’, I mean stop forwarding the ‘bloody’ pictures. No… I’m not using a cuss word! Folks, do stop… my vegetarian senses hurt, even with thoughts of the slaughter of lambs, sheep, cows, pigs, goats, camel, turkey… especially to feast!

People don’t really bother to read beyond what’s in their mail box. I now understand why, despite several hits, nobody has linked to my earlier post…  because it lacks gore!

Alas, however sophisticated people may seem outwardly, base human instincts prevail!


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