Movie making… an art, technique, or just having fun!

WordPress has extended the video contest… reminds me of all the animotos I put together last year… starting with, The Chase!

The Chase

We can’t quit… until we begin

Attitude on Times Square

Come to Kebec


Captured… in the Big Apple!

Take a hike… to Mahabaleshwar

Gateway to NY

Music from the ‘art

Romancing the Rock

Bonita, Mamma Mia

Movie Time

Scenes from the silver screen

Moving at 80 on the I-80

McGill on Rue Sherbrooke, Montreal



Hot cuppa chai
Mahabaleshwar after the monsoons

Green… it feels good!

Yeh Hai Manhattan


Music off Broadway on Times Square

NY, here I come!

Pack a punch!

Just us… on Fire Island.

NY’s Fire Island

Movie Making… an art

Perhaps I did post some of these here, a while back, but with all of these here together, I can revisit my journeys… enjoying several hours (and days) of real-time travel across countries; taking in the sights and sounds of India, America and O Canada! šŸ˜‰

Captured in my memories forever, but recapped to view out here in 30 seconds each… creating mashups of my photos with borrowed music. That’s called animation of photos… or, animoto… also referred to bombastically as cinematic artificial intelligence!


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