Kabab Palace, Tempe, AZ… beyond kababs… offers veges & vegan!

Since the Kabab Palace AZ website seems infected with a virus (when I last checked a couple of days ago), I thought of reproducing their menu and flyer images here for those interested in sampling good Indian cuisine in the Greater Phoenix Area. After a visit to their restaurant  you can determine whether or not you’d like to give the Kongara couple a fair chance to build their business.

They bought this Afghani restaurant in late 2009. Until then, the restaurant catered to a meat-eating palate. However, now that the owners are of South Indian origin, it is only natural for the KP menu to morph, including both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Furthermore, some of the dishes on the menu are suited to vegan palates as well. Alas, they are presently constrained and hence unable to change the restaurant’s name!

In all fairness to them, this is my own initiative… although I know the owners personally, they have not requested me to reproduce their menu here. I do hope this will show up on Google Searches for Indian vegetarian Cuisine in the Phoenix metro area. If this posting drives even some traffic to the restaurant, it could help further their business a wee bit. If you enjoy the food that the chef prepares under Srini’s tutelage, and if you experience an understated warm hospitality, please do visit them again. 😉

Incidentally, if you see some of these photos on their walls during your visit, you may recognize them from here. Do they fit well? 😉 😉

Menu, Kabab Palace... Indian Cuisine in Tempe, Arizona.

A sample of Menu items, Kabab Palace, Tempe, Arizona... Take out, anyone?

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